Recruitment Management Software With Smart Features

Know more about the process and the product.


  • Requisition through Maya

    Help hiring managers submit their position requirements with pre-defined requisition forms through Talentpool's virtual recruiter-Maya.

  • Custom Approval Workflows

    Set up requisition rules based on department, seniority and location to ensure that all requisitions are approved by the right stakeholders.


  • Easy Resume Parsing

    Cut down on the time that you spend in entering data for each and every candidate. Use Talentpool's resume parser to auto-extract candidate data.

  • Duplicate Detection

    Check duplicates right at the time of import so that your database remains clean.

  • Naukri Plug-in

    Use the Talentpool chrome plug-in for single click candidate import from Naukri.


  • Vendor Login

    Publish positions to one or multiple vendors with limited view. Vendors can source, submit, schedule and track candidates through their logins.

  • Employee Referrals

    Keep the referral channel open with or without a relevant position. Employees can submit and follow their candidate's progress through various recruitment stages on Maya.

  • Website Integration

    Leverage your website as a potential source of relevant candidates. Use Talentpool APIs to integrate your website for one click publish of positions. Tag the right candidates with the right positions without wasting any time


  • Custom Tags

    Create custom tags to filter relevant candidates. Bulk update candidates with tags and notes to save time.

  • Experience Auto-update

    Update experience of candidates automatically. Keep your candidate information up to date without any manual intervention.


  • Candidate Pools

    Manage smaller pools of candidate to get the right match. Only look at the relevant candidates, save the irrelevant ones in the generic database so that you can use them, if and when required.

  • Flexible Hiring Workflows

    Design your hiring workflows as per the role that you are hiring for.

  • Custom Feedback Forms

    Configure your own evaluation forms on Talentpool just as you follow in your own organization. Add scores and weightages for more objective evaluation.


  • Outlook/Google Integration

    Set up an appointment on Talentpool to send out automated calendar notifications along with reminders to block the calendar of interviewers as well as candidates.

  • Maya- Virtual Recruiter

    Assist interviewers through Maya. They can get all candidate and position information at their fingertips, even on their phones or tablets.

  • Automated Reminders

    Send automated feedback reminders to hiring managers to ensure that they submit feedback on time.


  • Real-time visibility

    Virtual recruiter, Maya helps recruiters and hiring managers track candidate engagement post offer to mitigate risks of joining.

  • Post Offer Workflow

    Create custom workflows to keep HR, Admin and Payroll teams posted about the new joiner.

  • Document Collection

    Gather all candidate data and upload o Talentpool to ensure that all candidate data is in one place, accessible to the relevant stakeholders.


  • Role Based Dashboards

    Access custom dashboards as per your role - recruiters, hiring managers or TA Head- to know your goals, progress and the gaps that are blockers.

  • Analytics

    Get key performance indicators for recruitment tracked in the dashboard for as long as the past one year. Take corrective actions based on concrete data.

  • Custom Report Designer

    Upload your own excel based templates to create ready reports on Talentpool. View and present the key recruitment data, just the way your organization needs it.