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We understand recruitment from all angles. With singular focus on recruitment, Talentpool makes recruitment easy and organized for all stakeholders.

Leverage our Expertise
and Experience

We started off as a recruitment software and are happy to remain so because we understand recruitment very, very well. If you need a specialized solution that
solves your recruitment challenges, then Talentpool is certainly worth a look.

Tailor Made for Indian Market

Many of our customers are with us because Talentpool's features and functionalities are built with the India recruitment scenario in mind.

Preferred by
Industry Leaders.

Leading companies in India have adopted Talentpool to automate their
recruitment process. Brands such as Sears, SBI, Tata Steel, Reliance and Huawei
use Talentpool to get the best talent on-board in no time.

Easy to Adopt

With an intuitive interface and easily-configurable workflow, Talentpool provides you the much required
flexibility, whether you are a Recruiter, HR Manager, Line Manager or CHRO.

Simple to Manage and Use

Though comprehensive, Talentpool's simple, intuitive interface helps your team adopt it readily. You don't need to go through extensive training sessions to start using the application.

Designed to Follow Your Processes

Configure Talentpool to follow your time tested processes. Design workflows as per your organizational need, industry or location.

More collaboration.
Less time to hire.

Enable recruiters, project managers and decision makers to work in sync.
Accelerate the requisition approval process, schedule well defined
interviews and obtain timely feedback with in-built interview reminders
and feedback forms.

Integration Ready

Get the best of both worlds. Choose a specialized recruitment software that integrates seamlessly with all your other applications.

Ready APIs for
Quick Integration

We continually work on building ready connectors or APIs with external applications like job portals, ERPs, assessment tools, and many more.

Lower time to

With better flexibility and reduced complexity
the time taken to implement Talentpool reduces considerably.

Get Real time Visibility
and Analytics

View a snapshot of the recruitment progress as per each position
as soon as you log in. Talentpool provides you insightful analytics
that help you make strategic decisions.

How will Talentpool help you?

  • Get visibility into critical
    recruitment data

    Get a snap shot of the entire recruitment pipeline as soon as you log in. Standard and custom reports give details such as open positions, candidates, turn-around time for every stage and recruiter activity. Get instant and real-time visibility into the hiring process, and identify gaps that can make all the difference.

  • See the bigger picture
    & discover hiring trends

    From employee referrals to internal hires to vendor reference, find out what works best to fill positions in your organization. Record and evaluate your hiring process in details and be armed with data to generate insights and take informed business decisions.

  • Ensure consistent employer
    brand communication

    Consistent brand communication plays a key role in building trust and equity. If enterprises do not have defined guidelines and templates, recruiters are incorrectly seen as the voice of the brand. Talentpool helps you produce consistent brand communication through standard mailer templates, social media integration and career website integration.

  • Hire better by sharing
    best practices

    Talentpool makes collaboration easy by creating a centralized system that everyone can refer to. It helps implement best practices and standardizes processes to expect predictable outcomes. With a single system, your team also gets access to a bigger picture, get visibility into each other’s processes and see what’s working and what’s not.

  • Set up standard hiring process
    to reduce ambiguity

    With the right process, you reach the top talent consistently with greater efficiency. Avoid missed opportunities with wrong decisions taken on the basis of subjective perceptions. Talentpool’s structured hiring workflow helps you establish fair hiring practices and adhere to local hiring laws around the globe. Moreover when your stakeholders are clear about the role they are expected to play, the process becomes focused, quick and effective.

  • View the entire pipeline
    & track key parameters

    Get unparalleled visibility into your hiring progress with dashboard and detailed reports. Gain insights with a quick snapshot of your pending activities, open positions, in-process candidates, interviews scheduled and offers made. Track, understand and improve factors impacting efficiency and effectiveness. Take corrective measures to improve the turn-around time. Generate reports with a single click without wasting hours collating and compiling data.

  • Maintain history of candidate interaction
    for ready reference

    With Talentpool, you can track each candidate by viewing the interaction history including details on calls, mails, notes, SMS and messages. You no longer need to dig through your emails to track communication between you and the candidate. View your entire candidate database, import contacts from excel sheets and MS Outlook, and flag candidates for quick reference.

  • Provide a real time view of the
    progress to your stakeholders

    Line Managers and Business Leaders have vested interest in talent acquisition. They should have complete visibility so that they can use the data to drive changes. With improved visibility, stakeholders improve the quality of hires and reduce the time to hire. They can effectively evaluate and help recruiters identify gaps and close them.

  • Download resumes in bulk from job
    boards at the click of a button

    Talentpool comes with its advanced sourcing tools that save your efforts by downloading resumes in bulk. You can download not only from Naukri or Monster, but also from your email, web pages, job portals, and even that excel sheet on your desktop!

  • Reduce data entry by automatically
    parsing candidate info

    You no longer need to copy and paste key information into an excel sheet for your stakeholders to view. Talentpool extracts more than 72 fields from a resume which includes key information such as name, email, experience, skills and many more. thsi enables you to easily search for the right candidate on the basis of these search parameters.

  • Avoid slippages with task list
    and a standard process

    With a customized dashboard that shows you your tasklist and gives you visibility into where each position is stuck, there is no room for miscommunication.

  • Relax while Talentpool coordinates with
    managers, vendors and candidates

    You no longer need to spend time on multiple phone calls or email conversations to collaborate with vendors, interviewers or candidates. Talentpool sends automated reminders, updates and schedules to your stakeholders to save you the valuable time.