Cloud Based Recruitment Software

Cloud recruiting has fundamentally changed the way recruitment operates. Availability of cloud based recruitment software solutions has significantly increased productivity and diminished administrative costs of businesses of all sizes. A cloud recruitment software can be accessed anywhere through any device, which gives a lot of flexibility to recruiters and hiring managers alike.

In other words, with a cloud-based recruitment software, you can always stay on top of your game. With low capital investment, even a smaller business can streamline and automate their hiring processes. An applicant tracking software takes away the hassle of tracking scattered recruitment data. You can centralize your resume database, candidate communication and reports in one single unified platform. Save time, increase visibility and reduce costs through a cloud based recruitment software.

What are the main advantages of cloud recruitment software and why you need to know it?

Faster Implementation Timelines

Most on-premise products and legacy software have longer implementation cycles which means delay in adoption and return of investment. Talentpool is lighter, simpler, agile, and a low-cost solution for recruitment teams for any organization of any domain. With Talentpool, you do not require much training as compared to other legacy software. Eliminating the need to spend time in processes like procuring licenses and setting up servers, deploying Talentpool’s cloud-based software is a much speedier process.

Easy Access to Knowledge Base

A hiring process is generally long due to its complex nature and the number of stage involved in it. A recruitment software will surely simplify all the tasks, but once you get in the process, there’s no time to raise a ticket or to call the Customer Support for more info on the functionality. With Talentpool, it is easy access to accurate information with just a simple click of a button! Talentpool’s cloud based recruitment software comes with a Knowledge based portal, that ensures recruiters and stakeholders have software functionalities and answers accessible. It even assures that the new recruiters are trained better with the latest information and get consistent guidance always.

Advanced Security Systems

Most of the times recruiters deal with highly confidential data that can range from an employee’s payroll to certain candidate information. Talentpool’s cloud-based recruitment software comes with highly advanced security systems that helps recruiters limit data access to sensitive information. Talentpool also uses role-based access, OWASP compliance which handles various application vulnerabilities, comprehensive user and password policies, server level encryption for the security of the web application. Other measures such as monitoring, network level security consisting of firewalls, intrusion detection and audit compliance are also active.

Low Upfront Capital Investment

With a cloud based recruitment software, there’s no need to buy any expensive license per user, just like how it is with legacy software. With this, you can be rest assured of great capital savings! There’s no need to buy extra servers and additional storage space for hosting the software. Recruitment software that’s based on cloud results in major cost savings with better ROI. A good cloud recruitment software that automates a huge range of tasks, automatically reduces the time, effort and money you spend on recruitment. Right from posting job ads, collecting resumes, to interviewing candidates based on filters you choose, a cloud based ATS can practically do it all!