Manage Candidates with Ease

Often organizations build an inventory of candidate resumes and profiles over a period of time which are all well-stacked in files and folders. However there are times when we have a quality candidate buried in these folders for a crucial open position and we don't even realize that. As a result, we take the pain of going through the longer route either through vendors, social media or job portals. We end up increasing costs and wasting our time and efforts, which could have been saved, if we had an organized database.

A recruitment software with a good candidate management system helps recruiters track candidate interactions and look up for the right talent at the right time! A recruitment software can help you create a powerful central hub of candidate data! Talentpool’s centralized database provides you with handy tools to manage all of your candidates in one, convenient place.

How can you manage your existing candidate profiles with Talentpool?

Create your own Centralized Database

Move away from a scattered database buried in excel sheets and folders. Talentpool helps you maintain a complete database of candidates, right from when you source them. Look for candidates easily through your resume database, track all candidate communication and get access to previous assessment history.

Make Use of Advanced Search Filters

While it is great to maintain a clean and unified database, the importance of powerful search cannot be emphasized upon any lesser. Instead of relying solely on keywords, add tags to create your own segment of database. Search candidates using these tags and through ready filters such as users, positions, location and date of import. Talentpool’s Boolean Search enables you to look for candidates using multiple criteria.

Get a Clear View of your Hiring Funnel

Get a real-time view of your hiring pipeline. Click on each individual stage and drill down on the numbers to see more details.

Have an Effective Duplicate Detection Mechanism

Lay out a robust duplicate detection mechanism to keep your database clean. Talentpool helps you maintain a clean and an updated database through automatic duplicate detection. It lets you detect duplicates right before they enter the system.

Talentpool’s centralized database leverages your existing pool of candidates and makes it recruiter-ready. When there’s a need to fill an urgent open vacancy, you’ll be able to act immediately with a structured candidate management system. A good recruitment software with a structured candidate management system will provide more applicants, more profiles and therefore an increase in your available talent pool to choose from for any role you need to fill.