Step Up With an Applicant Tracking Software

62% HR leaders say that talent acquisition is the top most talent management goal for them.
-Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, “The Age of Modern HR,” June 2014

Organizations are continually struggling to access the passive candidates and hire the right talent within time. Recruitment is becoming increasingly challenging. Talent acquisition teams need to look for innovative ways to identify the best talent, keep them engaged and at the same time improve their own internal hiring processes.

Talentpool provides an end-to end applicant tracking software that helps you meet those challenges with ease. Whether you need to hire in bulk, scout profiles for niche skills or just organize and automate your recruitment process, Talentpool can help.

Talentpool is a cutting edge applicant tracking software that helps you source active as well as passive candidates across sources such as job portals, career website, referrals, social media or consultants. Automated processes of screening, evaluation and on-boarding help you on-board the best talent quickly. Moreover you can gain important insights into the process efficiency by accessing reports.

How will an applicant tracking software help?

Talentpool is the ATS software that simplifies, not complicates!

Configure Workflows as per your processes

Follow your time tested processes with Talentpool – ATS system. We help you design candidate selection workflows which are exactly like the recruiting processes that you have been following.

Source profiles from multiple channels

Cast a wider net to reach out to active job seekers. Post jobs automatically to your corporate career site, job boards, social media channels, employees and consultants. Capture candidates with predefined qualification criteria and build a talent community that you can leverage for future openings. Identify your best sources and optimize you future spends by using the sourcing analytics.

Auto-screening with high precision parameters

You no longer need to wade through hundreds of applicant mails in your Outlook. With an ATS software, you can set predefined criteria to auto-shortlist candidates coming through your career website.

Engage better to create a brand

Publish and promote open positions through you career portal that is seamlessly integrated with Talentpool. We help you create completely branded webpage that delivers targeted content to prospective candidates from across the web or in response to your ongoing recruitment marketing campaigns.

Collaborate better with Hiring Managers

Help hiring managers create job descriptions easily through requisition templates. Ensure that candidates are assessed thoroughly on parameters that you must have in your potential hire. With the help of an ATS software, configure feedback templates which are objective and take the gut-feel away from your hiring process.

Manage interviews, offers and on-boarding

Interview Scheduler helps you check the calendar availability of your interview panel and confirm interviews with candidates. Collect interview feedback and scores automatically to make better and quicker hiring decisions. Use offer templates to generate the offer in minutes. Candidates can upload documents through the candidate portal which get automatically tagged to the candidate profile, reducing the overall hiring time.

Ready APIs for quicker integrations

Get the best of both worlds. Choose a specialized ATS system that integrates seamlessly with all your other applications. With ready connectors or APIs with external applications like job portals, ERPs, assessment tools, and many more.

Be mobile ready

More and more candidates prefer to apply through their smart phones. Help candidates apply and hiring managers approve positions, provide feedback and access recruitment data through the mobile app.