Talentpool On-Premise Software

Talentpool’s On-Premise is installed and operated from the customer's in-house server and computing infrastructure. This software is considered to be more secure, as the entire instance of software remains in the organization’s premises. No need to worry about data leaks, security threats, and other data security problems. Below are the two subscriptions that the On-Premise model comes with:

  • a. Talentpool Annual License

    The annual subscription model of Talentpool comes on a year-to-year basis. This means that you make a payment on a yearly basis.

  • b. Perpetual License

    Talentpool’s perpetual license includes a lifetime subscription with annual maintenance charges only. These annual maintenance charges are paid for online and onsite support and maintenance of the product as well as the new patches and updates.

Talentpool On-Demand Services

Talentpool’s On-Demand is a subscription based model that is hosted on cloud. This model offers the same solution with greater agility, lower costs and zero IT complexity. The two subscriptions that come with this are:

  • a. Private Cloud

    Talentpool’s Private Cloud model involves a cloud-based environment in which only one single organization can operate. Customers opting for this model get upgrades, updates and support.

  • b. Public Cloud

    Talentpool’s Public Cloud is typically hosted on Amazon. The Talentpool team manages the security, scalability and reliability of the application. We also help our customers with regular upgrades, updates and support.

Questions and Answers

Frequently asked queries and questions answered here for you

  • Why haven’t you provided the price for each deployment model?

    Talentpool’s price largely depends on the number of employees you have. In case you are interested in the product, drop us a line, and we’ll get you a customized quote right away.

  • Are there any features in Talentpool that come for extra charges?

    Most of the features are available to all our customers. However there are some add-on modules that some of our customers might find useful. We can tell you more about these features when we show you the product.

  • Is there an extra charge for support?

    For cloud deployments, there is no extra cost for the support. However for Talentpool On-Premise models, there is an annual maintenance charge that needs to be paid by the customers to access upgrades, updates and support.

  • Have more questions ?

    Visit our FAQ section or contact support@thetalentpool.co.in